Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet - 80% OFF!
Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet - 80% OFF!
Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet - 80% OFF!
Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet - 80% OFF!
Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet - 80% OFF!
Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet - 80% OFF!
Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet - 80% OFF!
Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet - 80% OFF!
Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet - 80% OFF!

Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet - 80% OFF!

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Worried about contactless identity theft?

RFID technology, or radio frequency identification, has been around for a long time. Along with the convenience, however, comes the risk of having the information contained on RFID-equipped items being stolen in a new brand of electronic pickpocketing known as RFID skimming.

The technology has made its way into a variety of items, including credit cards, driver's licenses, and passports. These items, which are mostly found in the wallets of people, use embedded RFID chips to transmit information wirelessly to compatible readers to perform functions such as confirming the person's identity or paying for a purchase.

RFID uses radio waves to read information stored on tags attached to certain objects and can be scanned from several feet away, without the need for a direct line-of-sight to the reader.

The Threat Of RFID Skimming

Individuals who have RFID readers can possibly activate the RFID chips embedded in personal items, which would allow them to extract sensitive information without the owner of the items even knowing that they were victimized.

Over the years, hackers have demonstrated methods of using handheld RFID readers to acquire information from several feet away. Information that can be extracted this way includes the name and country of origin listed in a passport, and more alarmingly, complete credit card numbers.

The Need For RFID-Blocking Wallets

One of the more popular ways for consumers to protect themselves from RFID skimming is through the use of RFID-blocking wallets. Before, the most important decision to be made on purchasing a wallet is choosing its color and material; now, one of the top criteria for purchasing wallets is that they should have RFID-blocking capabilities.

This new kind of wallet protects consumers from RFID skimming by creating a shield around their RFID-equipped items. This shield repels the electromagnetic energy sent out by RFID readers that the items need to be able to send out the information they contain.

The Anti Scan Function of Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet and RFID blocking design will protect your data from unwanted scanning and identity thefts. The Money Clip will not break we use the durable Material. The smooth design allows you to easily store this product with your cards in your pockets and very lightweight carbon fiber materials make you easy to carry. This product comes with a money clip to securely store your cash and you can securely store up to 12 cards in this card holder! 



Our RFID Blocking Men’s Wallet is designed to be the perfect combination of style, durability, and functionality. Made from premium grade aluminum combined with stainless steel, our stylish minimalist wallet lasts you a long time to help you carry everything you need without adding any bulk to your pockets.


Tired of changing wallets every other month? Unlike traditional wallets, our minimalist money clip wallet is made using high-quality Aluminum Alloy and Stainless Steel that makes it extremely durable while giving it a stylish and elegant metallic look to provide you with a wallet that will last you a lifetime while adding more charm to your look!


Times have changed and so has the way pickpockets steal your money. Rather than try to take a few bucks out of our wallet, pickpockets are after more sensitive information that’s on your credit card or ID card. Thanks to the RFID Blocking technology of our wallet, you can make sure your guard against such threats always stays up to keep your private information safe at all times!


Our Ultra Slim & Durable Aluminum Wallets are made with a minimalist design to provide a compact yet practical way to leys you carry your cards, bills, and ID in a smart, stylish and minimalist way. Simply store your credit card, ID card and other sensitive information cards in the RFID Blocking Pockets while storing your bills in the money clip making this a must-have for anyone that wants to carry only the essentials.


To us, customer satisfaction always has and always will be our top priority. Each of our Minimalist Wallets For Men is made with our customers in mind which is why we go the extra mile to acquire the finest materials and use the latest RFID Blocking technology. We’re so confident that you’ll love minimalist card wallet with the money clip that we offer a 100% Customer Satisfaction Warranty so that you know you’re making a risk free investment.


Gender: Men
Main Material: Metallic
Closure Type: No Zipper
Color: Silver, Black



  • Slim and best front pocket wallet.
  • Elastic fabric wallet for 12cards maximum
  • Metal feeling luxury wallet.
  • Attach with the money clip for cash.
  • This metal wallet keeps your data safe, it is with RFID blocking function.


Package includes:

1 x Premium Fashion Minimalist Wallet


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