HDTV Antenna Receiver FOX Digital - 60%OFF!
HDTV Antenna Receiver FOX Digital - 60%OFF!
HDTV Antenna Receiver FOX Digital - 60%OFF!
HDTV Antenna Receiver FOX Digital - 60%OFF!
HDTV Antenna Receiver FOX Digital - 60%OFF!
HDTV Antenna Receiver FOX Digital - 60%OFF!

HDTV Antenna Receiver FOX Digital - 60%OFF!

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FREE access to over-the-air digital TV broadcast channels. Support receiving both VHF(170-240 MHz) and UHF (470-860 MHz) channels which enable you to receive High Definition TV signals from all stations and comes with a 16.5-foot coaxial cable.

Built-in amplifier kit, Within 50-Mile range to access free HD channels (e.g. ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and Fox.) from a broadcast tower; plus additional programs the satellite and cable don't offer.
The channels availability significantly based on the local terrain (including buildings, hills, trees, and mountains) and your home surroundings.
The fewer obstructions, the better for receiving a digital signal, or more number of channels.
Works with any HDTV or devices that have built-in ATSC tuner include HDTVs, laptops, PCs.
You need only go through your TV manual to make sure that your devices'menu has an option for scanning digital channels.
It is ultra-thin and lightweight design and can be hung or laid flat in your house.
Easily connected and powered by USB cable or DTV set-top box via coaxial cable, which enables to strengthen the signals, with maximum range, reaches up to 50 miles (80km).
Super Thin design along with a 16.5 feet coaxial cable allows you to place it almost anywhere ( Table, Window, Wall ).
If you receive only a few channels or the reception is poor, please try to move the antenna, then re-run the channel scan, Placing the antenna higher or closer to a window will improve the reception of the broadcast signals.
It can be installed in 3 simple steps:
1-Just connect the coaxial cables and AC adapter, position the antenna, scan for channels on your TV, and enjoy.
2-Paper-thin design delivers full 1080p HD to any digital-ready television.
The combination of its unobtrusive design and powerful reception capabilities make the Leaf a top choice in any home.
There are no exposed or distracting antenna parts.The Leaf can be easily hidden behind a picture, bookshelf, or television.
3-It makes easy to watch your favorite shows and ever-increasing monthly expenses.
It is an economical solution to gain access to free TV signals and free TV viewing within a 50-mile range of signal sender.
  • FREE CHANNELS: Free for Life, Never Pay Hugely Expensive cable or satellite fees again!You can get access to FREE HD programs forever including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBC&Fox in 35mile rang from Broadcast Tower, start to access all of the news, sitcoms, kids and sports programs!
  • EXTRA LONG 13.2FT COAXIAL CABLE: Makes indoor antenna easier for you to place it in your house to get the best reception, especially for customers whose televisions are quite far away from windows.
  • 50 MILE LONG RANGE ACCESS: The Upgraded Version Digital TV antenna support Format:720p, 1080i, 1080p,4K&Frequency Range: VHF 47-230MHz, UHF 470-862MHz. 13.2ft High-Quality Coaxial Cable Perfect Combination with Effectively Guarantee the signal transmission.
  • FAST AND EASY TO SET UP: Unwrap, plug it in and scan channels.Very easy, firstly, place it in a position with the best reception in your house, you'd better place it on the window in case of weak signal.
  • Type: Indoor HDTV TV Fox Antenna
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: 33 x 23.5cm ( 1inch = 2.54cm ) 
  • Receiving Range: up to 65 miles
  • Frequency Coverage: VHF-HI 170-240 MHz ,  UHF 470-860 MHz
  • Impedance: 75Ω
  • Operating Temperature: -45-185℉ ( -40-85℃ )
  • Coaxial cable length: 10 feet ( 3m )
  • USB cable length: 1.65 feet ( 0.5m )
  • Power Requirement: 5V / 500mA
  • Plug type: US .
Package Including:
  • 1x HDTV antenna
  • 1x Signal amplifier + coaxial cables
  • 1x 3M double-faced adhesive tape
  • 1x User manual

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